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Questions Asked in Previous Interviews

Questions Asked in Previous Interviews

Dear Aspirants,

Heartly Congratulations to the aspirants those who cleared Mains Exam of IBPS RRB Officer Scale. In this article, we are posting Questions Asked in Interviews which will help those who are preparing for the interview.

Banking Related Questions Asked In Previous Interviews

  1. What is a bank? What are the functions of a bank?
  2. If you are posted in a branch with almost no progress, what will you do to bring it back to life?
  3. Define capital market and money market.
  4. What are the functions of RBI?
  5. What is NABARD? Its full form and functions. Does it work like RBI?
  6. Explain RBI’s monetary policy.
  7. What is financial inclusion?
  8. How CRR and SLR helps in economy?
  9. What is RTGS? If its limit is ₹2 lakh then for transferring money less than ₹2 lakh what will you do?
  10. What is Ridden Lending?
  11. What do you mean by Phishing? How will you prevent phishing?
  12. What is Retail Lending? Which lending is better for Banks? Retail or corporate?
  13. What is Balance Sheet?
  14. What is Intangible asset?
  15. Explain briefly about CAD and what is the current economic situation of our country? Is CAD increasing or decreasing now? And why?
  16. What is the impact of dollar outflow? Why there was ban on gold imports?
  17. Explain trade deficit.
  18. What is the benefit of lending?
  19. How many types of loans are there?
  20. Difference between Savings a/c and Savings student a/c?
  21. What is marginal utility?
  22. What is CRR and SLR?
  23. How will you deal with a rural person if he comes to bank to open an account without any document?
  24. What is nationalization of banks? What makes government to take up banks?
  25. What is the major problem that all the banks are facing?
  26. Difference between credit card and debit card?
  27. What is a negotiable instrument? How do you transfer a cheque to a payee?
  28. If you have to pass a cheque related to a customer’s current account then what are the observations you will make?
  29. What is MICR?
  30. Which act is used for reducing NPA?
  31. What is draft? What is cross cheque? What is the difference between Cross Cheque and Bearer Cheque?
  32. If you are seated in counter then a customer comes and asks you what i have to do for opening an account then you said to him bring that document these documents he doesn’t understand you. Do you have patience to make understand him about the documents?
  33. What are RTGS and NEFT? Full form and differences.
  34. What is PIN? Can you disclose it to anybody?
  35. Do you use debit card? For what purposes? What we require to use debit card for payment?
  36. What is Indian Banking System?
  37. What is Banking Ombudsman and what is Single Window in bank?
  38. What is Cross Selling?
  39. Let’s say that a new bank branch is about to come up then how will you inform people about it and get customer?
  40. If one person came to you to break his fixed deposit because he needs some money what will you do?
  41. What is lead banking?
  42. What is priority sector lending?
  43. What is the procedure for granting loan?
  44. Which technology is used in banking?
  45. What is the purpose of Payment Bank & Small Finance Bank?
  46. Difference between savings account and current account.
  47. What are the KYC norms?
  48. What is demat account?
  49. What is Purchasing Power Parity?
  50. What is Narrow Banking and Payment gateways?
  51. What is the need for payment banks if there are other banks?
  52. What is the benefit of high CASA for banks?
  53. What is Net Interest Margin?
  54. What are the benefits for a bank in defining risk categories?
  55. We want to start an ATM in rural place where not even a landline connection is there then how will you provide ATM? Can u tell the antenna name using In this process?
  56. What is contingent liability?
  57. What is the use of marketing in banks?
  58. What are the differences between private banks and nationalised banks?
  59. What is mean by Cyber crime?
  60. Do you know which bank give highest interest on saving accounts and how much?

Current Affairs Related Questions Asked In Previous Interviews

  1. What do you know about PMJDY?
  2. Tell us something about “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”.
  3. What is Bharat Ratna?
  4. Currency of China and its value against rupee.
  5. Number of lok Sabha seats?
  6. What is the maximum no. of ministers that can be formed out of lok sabha ?
  7. Who is the HRD minister?
  8. Names of 4 Dhams and their locations also?
  9. Schemes to alleviate poverty?
  10. Where is Statue of Unity?
  11. Who is the Finance Minister and External Affairs Minister of India?
  12. Highest Civilian Award? Second highest civilian award?
  13. What is spot fixing?
  14. Who received Nobel Prize in Economics this year and for what?
  15. Who won US Open in 2015 Women Singles?
  16. What is Atal pension yojana and what is mission indradhanush?
  17. What is the name of India’s First Lady prime Minister?
  18. What is GDP and GNP and also the difference between both?
  19. Briefly explain Make in India?
  20. What is Sewa Kendra?
  21. What is ISIS and what’s their aim?
  22. Prime minister who never visited parliament?
  23. What is call drop and TRAI?
  24. Difference between monetary and fiscal policies?
  25. Who abolished single child policy and why?
  26. Who started “Bachpan Bachao Andolan”?
  27. What is NITI aayog?
  28. What is current GDP and growth rate of India?

Personal Questions Asked In previous Interviews

  1. Your name ____ its meaning. Where you came from?
  2. How many members in your family?
  3. Your Weakness and strength
  4. Why not you tried for defence?
  5. Why did you opt for banking?
  6. Does banking field interest you or just because your family is in banking field and You look up to them and that is the reason you want to join it?
  7. Do you watch Bollywood Movies and your favourite Actors?
  8. Tell me some news happened in 2-3 days.
  9. What’s the use of your field in banking?
  10. Do you have bank account? How are you doing your transactions?
  11. Favourite subject?
  12. Tell me what are your hobbies and interests?
  13. How you are different from other candidates?
  14. Any motivational films you have seen?
  15. Why you came to banking even after having work experience?
  16. Can you distinguish between manager and a leader?
  17. Did you like the banking services at your place?
  18. How do you motivate whom you’re leading?
  19. Do you know about the recent controversial film?
  20. Why you have a gap of a year after your degree?
  21. What are your top five preference banks? If you are appointed for the other bank you want to join or not?
  22. Why should we select you? What qualities do you have that others don’t?
  23. What is your father’s profession?
  24. Which bank is your first preference? Why you filled it?
  25. What is the importance of your village or city or town?
  26. If we withdraw money from bank or deposit then message comes at your registered mobile number. Does it charge money for that?
  27. Don’t you think you are overqualified for this job?
  28. What is Bio-metric system?


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