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Computer Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Mains 2017

Dear Aspirants,

RBI Assistant Main Exam was conducted on 20th Dec 2017. We are providing you Memory Based Computer Questions Asked in the RBI Assistant Mains Exam which we got from students who had appeared in the RBI Main Exam 2017.

  1. GUI stands for?  Graphical User Interface
  2. Sending an e-mail is similar to _________Writing a letter
  3. Which of the following device is generally used for selecting ?  Mouse
  4. Which of the following uses the handheld operating system? PDA
  5. Shortcut key for justify the selected text is:-  Ctrl + J
  6. TCP stands for- Transmission Control Protocol
  7. Which program, installed on the user’s computer help him to communicate or send request on the network? – Browser
  8. Which of the following can only have Sequential Access?- Tape
  9. A _________ is used to direct and dispatch data packets between different networks-Router
  10. The _________program compresses large files into a smaller file.WinZip
  11. Workbook is a collection of __________ in MS Excel?- worksheets
  12. A collection of unprocessed items is ________.Data
  13. In order to move from one worksheet to another in MS-Excel workbook. One should click ___________? sheet tab
  14. EDVAC stands for___________Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer.
  15.  __________ ports connect special types of music instruments to sound cards.- MIDI.
  16. EBCDIC stands for?- Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
  17. What is the number of function keys on a keyboard?-12 
  18. Vacuum Tube is the invention ……generation- 1st generation
  19. Macros are available in Excel 2016 under which Tab? View
  20. Which one is called as modifier key? Ctrl Key
  21. Which among the following is closely related to the processor? Main Memory
  22. How many bits in MAC address?- 48 Bit
  23. If you see #### in a cell the meaning is that – Column width is low
  24. Gigabyte represents approximately ______________memory locations –One billion
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