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RBI Assistant Mains 2016

Computer Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Mains 2016

Dear Aspirants,

In this post we have tried to gather memory based Computer Knowledge Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Mains 2016. 

  1. 1 GB is equal to how many bytes? 230
  2. How many bytes long is an IP address? 16 bytes
  3. How many combinations are possible with 4 bits/nibble? 16
  4. Which of the following keys works as a shortcut for Redo in MS Word? Ctrl+X, Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+R, None of the above? Ctrl +Y
  5. What is the shortcut for Find and Replace in MS Word? Ctrl + H
  6. What is the shortcut to delete a word to the left of cursor? Ctrl + Backspace
  7. Which MS word tool is used for quickly accessing features? Ribbon
  8. In a flowchart, a decision making process is represented by? Diamond
  9. In a flowchart, start and end points are represented as? Circles
  10. What language consists of 0s and 1s? Machine Language
  11. One question on Cloud Computing (options included Hybrid Cloud)?
  12. What technology used in banking? MICR
  13. Which is NOT non-volatile? RAM
  14. Which fact is true about Bus Topology? It requires less cable length
  15. Process of hiding details in computing? Encapsulation
  16. One question on programming for which answer is Object oriented Programming
  17. One question on Class
  18. What is the full form XML? Extensible Markup Language
  19. What is used to retrieve search information? Web Browser
  20. Static RAM uses? Flip flops
  21. Upon booting, what is the first thing used by a computer? BIOS
  22. Each sheet in MS powerpoint is called? Slide
  23. Identify the optical storage device among the given options? CD ROM
  24. What is used for expanding features or including hardware to a computer?  Port
  25. What is the process of descrambling a code/converting to original form? Decryption
  26. What is used for temporary storage in computing? Cache
  27. One question based on networks {options were given– Real Time, Multitasking, Distributed, Time Sharing, none of the above}
  28. Which of the following is a 2nd generation language?
  29. Two more questions on generations in computing
  30. One question based on Page layout
  31. One question based on file extension
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