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IBPS Clerk Prelim 2016 Reasoning Questions Asked

Reasoning Questions Asked in IBPS Office Assistant Prelim 2016

IBPS Clerk Prelim 2016 Reasoning Questions Asked in All Slots

Dear Aspirants,

In this article we have tried to gather all the memory based reasoning questions asked in IBPS Office Assistant Prelim 2016 of all slots.

  1. A person moves 7 km toward North then takes a right turn and moves 3 km. Then she again takes a right turn & goes 5 km. Then she takes a left turn. Which direction is she facing now?
  2. Can a word be made using the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 11th letters of the word ‘GEOGRAPHICAL’ If no, then mark ‘X’. Else, which letter is the 2nd letter in the newly formed word.

  3. Complete the series: AYD   CWF   EUH   GSJ
  4. How many pairs of letters exist in the word ‘Machines’ with as many spaces between them as there are between them in the English Alphabet.

  5. Consider the alphabet series below: TOP    COP     JUG     HOP     PIN
    1. If you add an “S” before each of the words given above, how many meaningful words can you make?

    2. Arrange the alphabet series in the order in which they would appear in the dictionary. Which would be the third word in the series now?

    3. If you rearrange the letters in each word so that they are in alphabetical order, how many word would end with a vowel?

    4. If you replace every consonant with the previous letter in the alphabet, and every vowel with the next letter in the alphabet, then how many words will have at least one vowel?
    5. If you take the 3rd letter of the 1st word from the left, and the 3rd letter of the 5th word from the left. Then how many letters exist in the English Alphabet between these two letters?

  6. Complete the following: RAK GDL RID WLZ IPO

  7. Inquality Questions:
    1. H = I >= G > S, K>= G

    2. D < = E < A < R > = L
    3. Q > = U > E > = G = B
  8. Complete the following: AB-4, DE-8, GH-12, JK-16, ?

  9. 8 people E,F,G,H,N,M,L,O are siting in a straight line facing North. H is second to the right of N and L is 4th to the right of H. O is to the immediate left of G who is not neighbor of L . Equal no. of persons sit between G,L and O,F. F is not the neighbour of N also M sits to the right of F.

  10. Alphabet Test: ARE, OLD, TAB, NUV, LTE
    1. Arrange first letter of all words in alphabetical order and tell which one comes second from the LEFT.

    2. Add letter C before each word and tell how many will make a meaningful word ( EG – C+ old = COLD , C + are =CARE).

    3. How many letters are there in between SECOND letter of 2nd word and FIRST letter of 4th word in ENGLISH alphabets.
    4. How many words have a vowel in it?

  11. 8 People facing north G,J,I,R,S,T,U,H. 3 people sit to the left of T. Only 2 people sit between T & H. R sit second to the left of U. G & I are immediate neighbours, I doesn’t sit at extreme end of the line. Neither G nor I are immediate neighbours of T. S is not immediate neighbour of I. There are more than 2 people between T & U.
  12. A, B, C, D are facing north and Q, R, S, T are facing south. Q and S always sit together and Q sits at the corner. B sits in front of T. Only one person sits between C and B. A sits in front of S. (You had to solve questions based on this arrangement).


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