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Reasoning: Puzzles for SBI Clerk & Upcoming Bank Exams

Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Six friends – Santosh, Sumant, Samaresh, Sahil, Sukant and Sovan are studying six different specialisations of engineering which are – metallurgy, telecommunication, software, Mechanical, electrical and hardware not necessarily in the same order. Each one likes a different sport – hockey, cricket, swimming, football, badminton, and tennis again not in the same order.
Sahil is not studying hardware. Sukant is studying software and likes hockey. Samaresh likes swimming and is not studying hardware. The one who likes Football is studying electrical. Sovan is studying Mechanical and does not like tennis. The one who likes badminton is studying telecommunication. Santosh and Sumant do not like badminton. Santosh does not like tennis.

1. Which specialisation is Sumant studying?





e)None of these

2. Which sport does Santosh like?




d)Can’t be determined

e)None of these

3. Which of the following person specialization combination is correct according to the given

a)Sahil – Hardware

b)Sumant – Electrical

c)Samaresh – Metallurgy

d) Sovan – Software

e) None is correct

4. If all six friends are asked to sit in a straight line, facing north, in an alphabetical order (according to their names), from left to right then who will be to the immediate left of the one studying electrical?

a)The one who likes badminton

b) The one who is studying telecommunication

c) the one who is studying hardware

d) The one who likes hockey

e) None of these

5. If all six friends are asked to sit in a straight line, facing north, in an alphabetical order (according to their names), from left to right, then which of the following combinations will represent the favourite sport of the immediate neighbours of Sukant?

a)Badminton – Football

b)Cricket – Tennis

c) Cricket – Football

d) Tennis – Football

e)Cricket – Badminton

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Direction (Q.1-5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.

Seven Lecturers – A, B, C, D, E, F and G will go to Seven different Universities namely Indian Institute of Science, University of Delhi, Banaras Hindu University, Osmania university, IIT Madras, Shivaji University and University of Mumbai but not in necessarily same order to give guest lectures. They take lectures on the subjects like Economics, History, Electronics, Computer, Agriculture, Bio Technology and Chemistry but not necessarily in the same order. They delivers lectures on Monday to Sunday(of the same week) not necessarily in same order.

A gives guest lecture in Indian Institute of Science either in Economics or Bio Technology. The person who give guest lecture on the seventh day of the week went to University of Mumbai and He is expert in Chemistry. C does not give lecture in Bio Technology

B takes the lecture on Wednesday only and He is not expert in computer and Economics The lecturer who takes guest lecture in agriculture went on Thursday and neither in University of Delhi nor in Shivaji University.

D delivers lecture on Electronics in Osmania Univeresity except on Monday and Tuesday. C delivers a guest lecture at Banaras Hindu University and takes lecture one day before D.

G does not went to Thursday.On the second day of the week F gives the guest lecture in Shivaji University.The lecturer who delivers lecture on Friday is not expert in Computer,

1. Which of the following subject is handled by A?

  1. Computer
  2. Electronics
  3. Chemistry
  4. History
  5.  Economics

2. Which of the following combinations of “University – Day” is True with respect to the given arrangement?

  1.  Osmania University – Friday
  2.  University of Mumbai -Saturday
  3.  IIT Madras – Thursday
  4.  University of Mumbai – Friday
  5.  Osmania University – Thursday

3. According to the arrangement, B is related to?

  1.  Computer
  2.  Electronics
  3.  Chemistry
  4.  Bio Technology
  5.  Economics

4. In this arrangement, A is related to Monday, F is related to Tuesday then C is related to?

  1. Thursday
  2.  Friday
  3.  None of the given options is true.
  4.  Saturday
  5.  Sunday

5. Who among the following went to Banaras Hindu University?

  1.  B
  2.  C
  3.  A
  4.  D
  5.  F
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