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Quantitative Aptitude: Miscellaneous Questions For Upcoming Bank Exams

  1. The average age of Sheela, Ram and Mona is 38 years . 2 year ago, average age of Sheela and Ram is 39 year. 2 year hence, average age of Hema and Mona is 45. Find the present age of Hema ?
    (a) 54 years
    (b) 56 years
    (c) 50 years
    (d) 53 years
    (e) None of these
  2. Total distance between A and B is d kms. If the distance travelled along the stream is three time of the total distance and the distance travelled against the stream is two times of the total distance. If the time taken to cover the distance along the stream is 10% less then the time taken to cover the distance against the stream. If a person cover a distance of 21 km in 1 hr 24 min along the stream, then find the rate of current ?
    (a) 2 km/hr
    (b) 3 km/hr
    (c) 1 km/hr
    (d) 4 km/hr
    (e) None of these
  3. In a bag there are 3 magenta balls, 5 green balls and 7 blue balls . 2 balls are drawn one by one without replacement. If the first ball comes out to be of magentacolour, then 8 more magenta coloured balls are added to bag. Find the probability that both the balls drawn are of magenta colour.
    (b) 2/11
    (c) 1/35
    (d) 2/25
    (e) 1/10
  4. A started a business, Band C joined him in the 1st year, they invested in the ratio of 5:4:7 respectively and the period for which they invested was in the ratio of 4:3:2 respectively. In the 2nd year , A doubled the investment, B and C continued with the same investment as they investor for the same no of month as they did in 1st year. The total profit in 2 years was 14000. What is B’s share of profit.?
    (a)Rs 2500
    (b)Rs 2700
    (c)Rs 3000
    (d)Rs 5000
    (e)none of these
  5. A man invested rs X in simple interest at a rate of interest of 15 % for 5 yrs .then he invested X+300 at compound interest at 10% rate for 2 years.The total interest obtained in 2 years is Rs4383. Find the total amount (in Rs) invested by the man.
    (c) 8700
  6. Two jar A and B. Both contain 20 % milk. The quantity of jar A is 4 times than that of quantity of jar B. both jar mixtures are mixed and form new mixture C and 15 litres of water is added .The final ratio of water to milk is now 19:4. Find the initial quantity (in litres) of milk in jar B.
  7. The ratio of work done by 30 women to the work done by 25 men, in the same time is 5:6. If 9 women and 10 men can finish a work in 3 1/13 days. Then how many women can finish the work in 4.5 days?
  8. Out of a total 85 children playing badminton or table tennis or both, total number of girls in the group is 70% of the total number of boys in the group. The number of boys playing only badminton is 50% of the number of boys and the total number of boys playing badminton is 60% of the total number of boys. The number of children playing only table tennis is 40% of the total number of children and a total of 12 children pay badminton and table tennis both. What is the number of girls playing only badminton ?
    (a) 15
    (b) 14
    (c) 17
    (d) Date inadequate
    (e) 16
  9. A laptop costs 15 times as compared to cost of a mouse. On each laptop there is a profit of 25%. While the total profit on selling a mouse and a laptop is 30%. If there is a profit of Rs 2100 on selling the mouse then find the cost price of a laptop?
    (a) Rs 30000
    (b) Rs 3000
    (c) Rs 31000
    (d) Rs 35000
    (e) none of these
  10. The marked price of a shirt and a trouser are in the ratio 1 : 2. The shopkeeper gives 40% discount on the shirt. If the total discount on the shirt and trousers is 30%, the discount offered on the trousers is
    (a) 15%
    (b) 20%
    (c) 25%
    (d) 30%
    (e)none of these
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