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Quantitative Aptitude: Miiscellaneous Questions For Upcoming Bank Exams

  1. A principal of Rs 34600 is divided into four part such that simple interest on them for two, four, six and eight years may be equal. Find the largest part when the rate simple interest is 15% p.a. in all the cases.

A) 16608
B) 17608
C) 16668
D) 16688
E) None of these

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2. Find the ratio of compound interest accrued on a certain principal in 3 year at 14% half yearly to the simple interest accrued on the same sum in 4 year at 18% annually.

A) 25/36
B) 36/25
C) 50/36
D) 25/72
E) none

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3. Find the capital investment by a farm if annual interest earning is Rs 1050, when the farm invested 3/5th of its capital act 8 % p.a. 1/4th at 15 % p.a. and the remaining amount at 9%p.a. , n=2 year.

A) 5300
B) 5302
C) 5303
D) 5305
E) 5304

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4. A person lends 2 equal sums of money at simple interest having rate of interest 16% and 20 % respectively. The person recovered the latter two year earlier than the former and the amount in each case is Rs 12000. Find the period of lending for which the letter sum was lent?

A) 6
B) 7
C) 8
D) 9
E) none

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5. A man borrows 50,000 from a bank as a loan and decided to pay it in three annual installments. The rate of interest is 10% compounded annually. The amount of first and second installments are 20,000 and 25,000 respectively. What should be the amount paid by him after the 3rd year so that, the loan is repaid ?

A) 14850
B) 15850
C) 14950
D) 14750
E) 14755

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6. Rohan takes a loan of 40,000 from XYZ bank. The bank offered the loan at an interest rate of 10%. Rohan started repaying the amounts from the 4th year as 3 annual instalments for the next 2 years. If the installment he pays is in arithmetic progression with a common difference of 5,000; find the amount left for repayment after the requisite time if the first installment was worth 10,000?
A) 12320
B) 14320
C) 14820
D) 13320
E) None of the above

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7. A merchant marks his goods up by 60% and then offers a discount on the marked price. If the final selling price after the discount results in the merchant making no profit or loss, what was the percentage discount offered by the merchant?

A) 60%
B) 40%
C) 37.5%
D) 20%
E) depends on C.P.

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8. Two merchants sell, each an article for Rs.1000. If Merchant A computes his profit on cost price, while Merchant B computes his profit on selling price, they end up making profits of 25% respectively. By how much is the profit made by Merchant B greater than that of Merchant A?

A) RS 66.67
B) Rs 50
C) Rs 125
D) Rs 200
E) Noe of the aboove

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9. A trader buys goods at a 19% discount on the label price. If he wants to make a profit of 20% after allowing a discount of 10%, by what % should his marked price be greater than the original label price?

A) +8%
B) +10%
C) -8%
D) -33.33%%
E) +33.33%

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10. Car A trails car B by 50 meters. Car B travels at 45km/hr. Car C travels from the opposite direction at 54km/hr. Car C is at a distance of 220 meters from Car B. If car A decides to overtake Car B before cars B and C cross each other, what is the minimum speed at which car A must travel?

A) 36 km/hr
B) 45 km/hr
C) 67.5 km/hr
D) 18 km/hr
E) None of these

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