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Quantitative Aptitude Average Questions for SBI PO and CLERK

Q.1) Vishva aims to sell toys an average of 60% of toys in 1st week and second week. But his average in 1st week is 1 toy less than his target and that in 2nd week is 3 toys more than his target. The difference between the total toys sold in both weeks is 20. Total toys aimed to sell by Vishva.

a) 300 TOYS

b) 250 TOYS

c) 310 TOYS

d) 290 TOYS


Q.2) The average weight of boys in a class of students is 62 kg. While that of girls is 55 kg. The average weight of the entire class is 58 kg. What is the ratio of the number of boys to number of girls in the class?

a) 5 : 2

b) 3 : 4

c) 5 : 7

d) 6 : 5


Q.3) There are 56 students attend the JAB class. The JAB sir conducts an economic test out of 100 and then arranged the score in ascending order. He found taht Gopi, who was topper of the JAB class, had slipped to the 23rd position. When he was adding the scores of the last 34 students the average was 74 and that of the top 23 students was 78.If the average score obtained by all the students of his class was 76, how many marks did Gopi score?

a) 73

b) 88

c) 67

d) 54


Q.4) The average of 11 numbers is 45. If each of the numbers is added by 11, then find the average of new set of numbers.

a) 43

b) 53

c) 56

d) 59


Q.5) The average of runs scored by a player in 9 innings is 40. How many runs should he score in the 10th innings so that his average is increased by 3 runs?

a) 71

b) 70

c) 65

d) 43

e) 58

Q.6) The average salary of 3 friends X, Y and Z is Rs.12000 a month. If X spends Triple and Z spends double of what Y spend his salary during per month. If average of their saving salary is Rs.8000, then what is the average amount X and Y spend in a month?

a) RS.4100

b) RS.3500

c) RS.4000

d) RS.5000


Q.7) Ramya purchased 14 balls, 10 dresses and 15 bags. The average price of 14 balls, 10 dresses and 15 bags at Rs.150.If the average price of a bags was Rs.250. The average price of a dresses is Rs.75. What is the approximate average price of balls?

a) RS.80

b) RS. 72.5

c) RS. 89.9

d) RS.96.4


Q.8) Reaka bought 10 kg Orange 6 Dozen bananas, 11 kg Apple and 7 kg Mango. The cost of Orange per kg is Rs.40, 1 dozen banana Rs.25. 1 kg Apple Rs.95. 1 kg mango is Rs.15 more than the combined price of 1kg orange and 1 dozen bananas. Find the approximate average amount spend by  Reaka.

a) RS.45.5

b) RS.41.3

c) RS.63.4

d) RS.76.2


Q.9) 16 friends went to a restaurant and decided to pay the bill amount equally, but 14 of them could pay Rs.150 each, as a result last two friends pays Rs. 16 extra of the total average amount. Find the amount of average of 16 friends (Approximately)

a) RS. 141

b) RS.142

c) RS.138

d) RS.140


Q.10) Anjali enters a bakery shop. She buys chocolates, Pastries, Puffs. Totally she buys 26 items. The average cost of 26 items is Rs.190. She has to buy at least 7 units of each, she buys more chocolate than puffs, and more pastries than chocolate. The average price of 1 puff and 1 chocolate is Rs.15 and Rs.15 respectively. If difference between item of chocolate and pastries is one, then find the amount of one pastry?

a) 430

b) 410

c) 470

d) 310


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