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Puzzles For Syndicate Bank, Canara Bank & Upcoming Bank Exams

Direction (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.

There are different Athletic events which are to be held from Monday to Sunday, such that one event is held to be on one day. The Athletic events are Long Jump, High Jump, 100m running, 400m running, Javelin, Shot put and Discus throw. In each of these events different number of players are participated viz. 25, 32, 35, 48, 50, 67 and 75, but not necessarily in the same order. Discus throw is to be held on Friday. There are 48 participants took part on Sunday. Javelin is not to be held on Saturday. Only one event is held between Shot put and Discus throw. Neither lowest number of players nor highest number of players is participating on Monday. The event in which 35 players took part held immediately after the one in which 75 players took part. The number of event held between 100m running and Long Jump is same as between 400m running and 100m running. The 100m running event has 15 participants more than that the shot put event. High Jump is held before 100m running. There are 67 participants took part in Long Jump. There are 50 participants are took part on Thursday. The Shot put is not to be held on the last day of the event.

Q.1. On which of the following day Javelin event is to be held?
(1) Tuesday
(2) Wednesday
(3) Thursday
(4) Saturday
(5) Sunday

Q.2. How many players are participated in 100m running event?
(1) 32
(2) 25
(3) 50
(4) 48
(5) 35

Q.3. How many days between the events of Long Jump and High Jump held?
(1) Two
(2) Three
(3) Four
(4) Five
(5) None

Q.4. Which of the following combinations of days and events are true?
(1) Sunday – Shot put
(2) Wednesday- High Jump
(3) Tuesday – 400m running
(4) Wednesday – Javelin
(5) None is true

Q.5. If the number of players participated in each events are arranged in ascending order from Monday to Sunday then how many of these remain unchanged?
(1) One
(2) Two
(3) Three
(4) Four
(5) None

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Direction (Q. 6-10): Study the following information to answer the given questions.

A wooden Shelf contains five racks, placed one above other and numbered from 1 to 5 from bottom to top. Each racks in different colors i.e. Pink, Blue, Orange, Purple and Grey, not necessarily in the same order. Each rack contains certain Books and Records. The total number of Books and Records is 280.
There is only one rack between pink and orange colored rack. There are 83 books and records in rack 1. Pink color rack is not an odd numbered rack. One rack contains equal number of books and records but it is not an orange colored rack. The Blue colored rack is an odd numbered rack. Purple colored rack is immediately below the rack, in which contains equal number of books and records. The Grey colored rack is above the Purple colored rack.The rack 3 contains 22 records. The number of records in purple colored rack is equal to the total number of books and records in the pink rack. Blue rack contains 65 books and records. Rack 3 contains not less than 30 books. The rack 4 contains 25 books. One rack contains 42 books and records but it is not immediately above the one, which contains maximum number of books and records. The rack 3 contains either 51 or 52 books and records. The blue rack contains 7 books less than the purple rack and 10 records more than the orange rack.

Q6. How many numbers of records are in Blue colored rack?

(1) 38
(3) 27
(4) 17
(5) None of these

Q7. In which of the following rack is in Grey color?

(1) 5
(2) 3
(3) Either 1 or 3
(4) Either 5 or 3
(5) Data inadequate

Q8. What is the total number of books and records in rack 2?

(1) 36
(2) 32
(3) 42
(4) 38
(5) None of these
Q9. Which of the following combination of rack color and number of books and records is true?
(1) Pink – 42
(2) Grey – 83
(3) Purple -52
(4) Orange – 42
(5) Grey- 51
Q10. Which of the following statement is true?
(1) The Grey colored rack contains 21 records
(2) The Purple colored rack contains 38 books
(3) The Pink colored rack contains 19 records
(4) The rack 1 is in Grey in color
(5) All are true
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