Sunday , February 25 2018

Aptitude: Caselet DI for Syndicate/Canara/SBI & other Bank Exams

Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information carefully to answer the questions given below: In the recently held Commonwealth Games, a total number of 500 players participated in five different games, viz Athletics, Hockey, Lawn Tennis, Rugby and Badminton. 15% of the total players participated in Badminton. 2/5 of the total players participated …

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Compound Interest | The Complete Lesson (Part-1)

What is Compound Interest? Let’s explore the basic concepts for Compound Interest Compound Interest is part of the wider topic of Interest. In the first part of this topic, we learned about Simple Interest. Well, simple interest is not the only interest mechanism used by lenders and borrowers. There is …

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