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List Of MoUs/Agreements Signed Between India & Other Nations January 2018

  1. India and Myanmar
    Purpose: On land border crossing.
  2. India & Italy
     To establish the basis for a cooperative institutional relationship to encourage and promote technical bilateral cooperation on new and renewable issues on the basis of mutual benefit equality and reciprocity.
  3. India and Israel

    1. on Cyber Security Cooperation;
    2. on Cooperation inOil and Gas Sector;
    3. on Amendments to the Air Transport Agreement;
    4. on Film-co-production;
    5. on Cooperation in the field of Research in Homeopathic Medicine;
    6. for cooperation in the field of space;
    7. Memorandum of Intent between Invest India and Invest in Israel;
    8. For cooperation in the area of metal-air batteries; and
    9. for cooperation in the area of concentrated solar thermal technologies.
  4. India and Belgium
    Purpose: in the field of  Information Communication Technology and Electronics.
  5. India and Transport for London
    Purpose: to improve the overall public transport system in the country, improve passenger services and promote the use of high capacity buses in India.
  6. India and UK
    Purpose: For the return of illegal Indian Migrants, sharing of criminal records.
  7. Rajasthan and HDFC Bank
    Purpose: to promote and nurture startups in the state.
  8. India and Saudi Arabia
    Purpose: to revive the option of sending Haj pilgrims through sea route also.
  9. India and Canada
    Purpose: for cooperation in the field of Science & Technology.
  10. Gujarat and South Korea
    Purpose: For business cooperation.
  11. India and Sri Lanka
    Purpose: four agreements for collaboration in Information and communication technology (ICT) sector between both countries.
  12. India & Vietnam
    Purpose: to co-operate in the areas of Information & Broadcasting (I&B) sector and space cooperation.
  13. India & Cambodia

    1. to promote cultural exchange and strengthen the friendly relations between India and Cambodia
    2. Credit Line Agreement between the EXIM Bank, Government of India and the Government of Cambodia for a Line of Credit to finance the Stung Sva Hab Water Resource Development Project for US$ 36.92 million.
    3. to improve the effectiveness of both countries in the prevention, investigation and prosecution of crimes through cooperation and legal assistance in criminal matters.
    4. to increase the bilateral cooperation on the issues of prevention, rescue and repatriation related to human trafficking.
  14. India and Seychelles
    Purpose: to build military infrastructure on Assumption Island.
  15. Andhra Pradesh & Zurich
    Purpose: to promote mutual prosperity and development.

  16. Johnson & Johnson partners with Maharashtra government
    Purpose: The collaboration would also look at infection prevention, diabetes, obesity and menstrual hygiene and support healthcare professionals and nurses in the State to develop skills.
  17. Punjab With IOC
    Purpose: To set up Biogas, Bio-CNG plants.
  18. Centre & Jammu and Kashmir
    Purpose: For education reforms.
  19. NITI Aayog and Andhra Pradesh government
    Purpose: to develop an online dashboard for the 115 most backward districts in the country.
  20. Telangana government & the Clean Authority of Tokyo
    Purpose: for municipal solid waste incineration.



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