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IBPS SO Memory Based Questions Asked in 2016-17 (All Slots)

Professional Knowledge Questions for I.T Officer Scale I 28th January 2017 (1st Slot)

Q1. Protocol for audio streaming.
Q2. DNS number is separated by how many period?
Q3. Linux commands (2Qs were asked).

  • cd used for what function?  Ans – change directory
  • ls used for which task?  Ans – display commands

Q4. OSI Model (4Qs).
Q5. Definition of Data Mining.
Q6. Java Language (4Qs).
Q7. Operating System (4Qs).
Q8. Which layer of OSI Model performs Routing function?
Q9. Which one is the middleware technology?
Q10. What is key logger?
Q11. In which stage prototyping will done.
Q12. Group of server that share task?
Q13. The flow chart of data system flowing in system design? Ans – Data Flow Diagram
Q14. Website contains ? Ans –  Information
Q15. What is method ? Ans – Implementation of abstraction
Q16. Cloud Computing contains ? Ans – Protocol and web storage
Q17. Data loss and fast transmission? Ans – UDP

Professional Knowledge Questions for I.T Officer Scale I 28th January 2017 (2nd Slot)

Q1. Definition of Verification and validation.
Q2. Capability maturity model?
Q3. Operation of virtual private network in OSI model ?
Q4. Translation processing in data communication (1Qs) .
Q5. Static import form class and declaration in JAVA (1Qs).
Q6. Unlocking Android device or IOS device by power button or volume button
Q7. What is definition of Form in business document ?
Q8. Definition of process isolation, process segmentation, layering, Hard segmentation, abstractions
Q9. Component of Management information system ?
Q10. Which process takes place when 2 devices wirelessly transmit data without human intervention ?
Q11. What does protocol do in data communication ?
Q12. What is software supplier prequalification ?
Q13. Non volatile memory store OS karnal into IBM PC ? Option (ROM, RAM SRAM, DRAM)
Q14.Linux command (5Qs)? (cg/mkdir/man/is/rm)
Q15. JAVA modifiers (1Qs)?
Q16. Attributes of DATA BASE?
Q17. What is erasing and destruction in database management system?
Q18. Question asked on definition of CSMA/CD, CSMA/CA, CSNA/CD
Q19. Question on Functional Requirement matrix, Requirement Matrix,Special Architecture ?
Q20. What is type 2 hypervisor ?
Q21. What is Non – operation period of information system ?
Q22. Questions on CPU register Memory.
Q24. Serial communication
Q25. No supported oracle data types
Q26. Field in DBMS ?
Q27. What is middleware technology ?
Q28. Null value in database management system ?
Q29. Data dictionary in DBMS ?
Q30. Which type of database have data only in form of only Rows and column ?
Q31. JAVA object and class ?
Q32. What is WAN and its principle ?
Q33. JAVA member ?
Q34. Android factory reset shortcut
Q35. What is HTTP ?
Q36. IMAP meaning ?
Q37. OSI model (4Qs).
Q38. TCP/IP component (3Qs).

Professional Knowledge Questions for HR/Personnel Knowledge 29th January 2017 (1st Slot)

Q1. Standing order act (1Qs).Trade Union Act (7 Qs)
Q2. What is Delegation ?
Q3. Nurse breaking comes under which act?
Q4. Standing order act (1Qs).
Q5. How many person required in workmen committee ?
Q6. Job rotation (1Qs).
Q7. Gratuity act – Gratuity consider as per month (1Qs).
Q8. Author and section ( 2Qs).

Professional Knowledge Questions – Agriculture Field Officer 29th January 2017 (1st Slot)

Q1. NABARD guidelines (5Qs)
Q2. RBI Balance sheet (3Qs).
Q3. Disease caused in Mango ?
Q4. Disease cause in citrus ?
Q5. NFSM (2Qs).
Q6. NHM (3Qs).
Q7. What are Major nutrient ?
Q8. What are Micro-nutrient ?
Q9. Plant population for cotton ?
Q10Plant population for rice ?
Q11. Off season tillage ?

Professional Knowledge Questions – Marketing Officer (Scale I) 29th January 2017 (1st Slot)

Q1. Marketing environment (4Qs).
Q2Marketing segmentation (3Qs)
Q3. Service marketing ?
Q4. Acid test of brand.
Q5. Full form of SWOT ?
Q6. Full form of MOS ?
Q7. What is MRTP act ?
Q8. ATM comes under which marketing mix?
Q9Bank comes under what macro or micro?

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