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IBPS PO Interview Questions

IBPS PO VII Expected Interview Questions

Dear Aspirants,

After clearing IBPS PO Mains we have to go through one more process of selection i.e. Personal Interview. You are judged on the performance of PI and marks based on that will be given.

Your execution in IBPS PO Interviews will choose the value of your accomplished checks in the composed exam. As the opposition is generally high from the first years, you need to score upright imprints to see your name in the legitimacy rundown of the consolidated scores.

On the basis of the question asked in previous IBPS PO interviews, we are presenting here the important questions & expected questions.

  1. What is the benefit of high CASA for banks?
  2. What is Net interest margin?
  3. What are the benefits for a bank in defining risk categories?
  4. What is Retail Lending? Which lending is better for Banks – Retail or corporate?
  5. Difference between Savings a/c and Savings student a/c
  6. What are differentiated banks? How many such banks are there?
  7. What is the difference between small finance bank and payment banks?
  8. What is on tap licensing? What is your opinion about these banks?
  9. What is NPA? Do you know the accounting rules about NPA? Why is NPA a problem? Who do you think is the responsible for NPA? What can you do to help resolve the problem of NPA? What is RBI doing about it? What is govt doing about it?
  10. What is DRT?
  11. What is SARFAESI act? What is provisioning? What is the difference between write off and waive off?
  12. Difference between Insolvency & Bankruptcy.
  13. Brief about  NABARD, IDBI, SIDBI, IFCI, EXIM, NHB, NBFC, Banking Ombudsman, SEBI, IRDA.
  14. Can you explain these: Repo rate, reverse repo, LAF, CRR, Bank rate, SLR, PLR, MCLR, Base rate, Deposit rate, Basis points
  15. Differenciate between capital market and money market.
  16. What is a Monetary policy? What is MPC?
  17. What is nationalization of banks? What makes the government to take up banks? How many times have we nationalized the banks? What was the reason? What were the criteria?
  18. Which was the first RRB? How many RRB’s are there?
  19. What is the role of NABARD and RBI w.r.t RRBs?
  20. What is financial inclusion?
  21. Explain GDP, GNP, NI, Revenue deficit, fiscal deficit, disinvestment.
  22. What is Budget?
  23. How budget is different from Economic Survey?
  24. What is fiscal deficit?
  25. What is FRBM?
  26. Explain trade deficit. What is the impact of dollar outflow?
  27. Explain briefly about current account deficit (CAD) and what is the current economic situation of our country?
  28. Is CAD increasing or decreasing now?
  29. What about capital account deficit (CAD)?
  30. What is BOP? Has ever BOP crisis happened in India?
  31. Difference between a credit card and a debit card.
  32. Do you know about Bancassurance, Demonetization, Bitcoin, MICR?
  33. What are mutual funds?
  34. What is SEZ?
  35. What are Nostro & Vostro accounts?
  36. What are Foreign exchange reserves? Do you know the current figures of our reserves?
  37. What is Basel III? What is recapitalization bond?
  38. Explain  NPA classifications.
  39. What is IBBI? Who is the chairman?
  40. What is the difference between Cheque and Demand Draft? How many kinds of cheques do you know about?
  41. What is CTS?
  42. What do you know about Negotiable instrument Act? Do you think it is still relevant or should we change the law?
  43. Explain the Difference between: Dormant & Frozen account Cross-selling & Upselling Consortium financing vs Multiple banking Moratorium period Vs. Grace period NRO Account Vs. NRE Account Vs. FCNR Account LC & BG Inflation, deflation, stagflation Monetary policy and fiscal policy FDI & FII.
  44. What is Phishing? How will you prevent phishing?
  45. What are Payment gateways?  What is NPCI? What is RuPay, BHIM, UPI, Bharat Bill Pay, NACH, CTS, NFS, BHARAT QR, AePS, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS?
  46. which bank gives the highest interest on savings accounts and how much?
  47. What are the KYC norms and what are OVDs?
  48. What is priority sector lending? What is the procedure for granting loan? How many types of loans are there?
  49. What is a DEMAT account? What is Narrow Banking? What is lead banking? What is Single Window in a bank?
  50. What are the differences between private banks and nationalized banks?


ALL THE BEST…….!!!!!

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