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English: Spotting Error Questions For Upcoming Bank Exams

Directions (1-10): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is ‘No error’, the answer is 5). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.)

  1. (A)The global economy finally seems to/ (B)be moving out of the shadow of the 2008 financial crisis/(C)—and global monetary policy have to change in tandem/. (D) Indian policymakers will have to take this into account in the coming months./(E) No error
    1. Has changed
    2. Should change
    3. Will have to change
    4. Have changed
    5. No error
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  2. (A)The expected pace of the recovery is likely/(B) to make 2018 an important year for global/(C) monetary policy, as larger central banks/(d) reverse their crisis-era policy accommodation./(E) No Error.
    1. Many
    2. All
    3. large
    4. Each
    5. No error
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  3. (A)The process of normalization is already under way in the US, /(B)and the pace could increase if growth and inflation surprise on the upside./(C) The European Central Bank (ECB) is reducing its asset/(D) purchase and, at some point, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) would also want to think about policy normalization./(E) No Error.
    1. Purchased
    2. that purchased
    3. purchase
    4. Purchases
    5. No error
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  4. (A)Second, prolonged policy accommodation had led to excesses in financial markets, /(B)both in advanced and emerging market economies./(C) Continued easing will further push up asset prices and/(D) make the eventual correction more painful and difficult to manage./(E) No Error
    1. Has led
    2. Have led
    3. Will led
    4. Could led
    5. Led
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  5. (A)If central banks are not able to attain/(B) the inflation target soon, it will warrant a/(C) fundamental reassessment of the/(D) current monetary policy framework./(E) No Error.
    1. Attains
    2. To get
    3. To meet
    4. Fix
    5. No error
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  6. The uncertainty in term of policy action and its consequences in the global economy will also affect the policy preference of the monetary policy committee of the Reserve Bank of India.
    1. In terms of
    2. With respect to
    3. In reference to
    4. Related to
    5. No error
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  7. (A)The Indian central bank have to keep an eye out for/(B) sudden bouts of volatility in exchange rates/(C) as well as capital inflows,/(D) even under the new inflation-targeting framework./(E) No Error
    1. Will have
    2. Has
    3. Have
    4. Could have
    5. No error
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  8. (A)While the core business for BookMyShow remain movie tickets,/(B) the company has, in recent years, been diversifying/(C) its business to add categories such as/(D) sporting events, music events and plays./(E) No Error
    1. Will remain
    2. Remains
    3. Had remained
    4. Will continue to be
    5. No error
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  9. (A)The growing reports of child deaths from different parts of the/(B) country from last summer’s Gorakhpur tragedy have finally put the spotlight on India’s growing healthcare crisis.
    1. from
    2. since
    3. compared towWith reference to
    4. No error
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  10.  (A)Among states, some with the poorest health outcomes, /(B)such as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, were among those with the highest /(C) share of unspent funds allocated under/(D) the National Health Mission (NHM) in 2016-17./(E) No Error
    1. Poorer
    2. Worst
    3. Poor
    4. Challenging
    5. No error
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