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English: Spotting Error Questions For SBI Clerk & Upcoming Bank Exams

Directions (1-15): Read the following sentences carefully and select the correct option. Each sentence is split into four parts namely (A), (B), (C) and (D). Select the part which is grammatically wrong. If all the parts of the sentence are grammatically correct then, choose ‘No error’ (E) as the option.

1) It defined both India’s commitment to the Teesta water-sharing (A) / agreement and the Central government’s commitment to working (B) / with the West Bengal government to conclude the agreement (C) / for which the framework was initial in 2011. (D) / No error. (E)

2) Not only will these measures strengthen the bonds with Bangladesh, (A) / with which India shares its longest international border (B) / as well as historical bonds, they will help India connect to itself, (C) / to the benefit especially of the northeastern States. (D) / No error. (E)

3) Before we turn to this, however, it may be (A) / useful to suggest some ways in which we can quickly assuage at least partially (B) / the hurt that our African students must feel, before turning vigorous to building institutions that (C) / ensure their security and encourage them to feel part of the community in India. (D) / No error. (E)

4) Despite the attempts by the government to bring international students (A) / to India, the experience of foreign students here (B) / has not always been a happy one, this being particularly so for those (C) / from Africa, though there could be exception. (D) / No error. (E)

5) State governments must be instructed by the Centre to see (A) / that African students are assured of their safety and all educational institutions (B) / must with immediate effect double-up the attention (C) / they devote to their personal needs, which range from housing to food. (D) / No error. (E)

6) While these are laudable and ambitious objectives as they address (A) /major concerns of mental health care, there (B) / have been some critiques attention drawing to the lack of funds, (C) / trained personnel, and insufficient emphasis on community care. (D) / No error. (E)

7) Besides proximity and enduring relationships between actors (A) / and their directors, and some nepotism that has stuck, the problem with (B) / the National Awards is that there is always the view that someone more deserving (C) / was overlooked in the run up to the awards or in the finale. (D) / No error. (E)

8) The Rajya Sabha was adjourned twice on Monday as Congress (A) / members rushed to the well, alleging that the Enforcement Directorate and the CBI were being used (B) against the Chief Ministers and former Chief Ministers of the Opposition, while (C) / no action was took against the Chief Ministers of the BJP. (D) / No error. (E)

9) The Pakistan move to award the death sentence to Mr. Jadhav (A) / has been received with many disbelief by his former Naval (B) / colleagues and intelligence circles, though most of them were (C) / confident that he would be back home. (D) / No error. (E)

10) “I will continue to work on our government’s principles of development (A) / and welfare and will not allow anything to (B) / shake the confidence place in me,” Mr. Modi said (C) / at the end of a marathon five-hour meeting. (D) / No error. (E)

11) The Election Commission said on Monday that it was not bound (A) / consult the Union Home Ministry before holding any election, following (B) / reports that it had ignored the Ministry’s advice against holding by (C) / elections in the Kashmir Valley consider the prevailing security situation. (D) / No error. (E)

12) The Indian Navy spokesperson was quote as saying: (A) / “In a show of international maritime cooperation against piracy, a boarding party (B) / from the nearby Chinese Navy ship went on board the merchant ship, (C) / while an Indian naval helicopter provided air cover for the operation. (D) / No error. (E)

13) Note that it was sensitive about the dent the ban has caused (A) / to the economy, the Bench asked the car companies (B) / to come up with possible alternatives to (C) / curb the rising air pollution in the city. (D) / No error. (E)

14) Po’s role-reversal from a student to a teacher delightfully plays out (A) / in set pieces that involve a valley of Pandas training in Kung Fu while doing (B) / that one thing they love doing; example: a particular (C) / panda disrupts the enemy by hug because that’s what he likes doing the best. (D) / No error. (E)

15) Delhi Police Commissioner Alok Verma’s first meeting (A) / with journalists was little more than a photo-op with (B) / the police chief sidestepping almost all the issues (C) / raised by the scribes about access to him. (D) / No error. (E)


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