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English: Spotting Error Questions For SBI Clerk & Upcoming Bank Exams

Read the following sentences carefully and select the correct option. Each sentence is split into four parts namely (A), (B), (C) and (D). Select the part which is grammatically wrong. If all the parts of the sentence are grammatically correct then, choose ‘No error’ (E) as the option.

1) “Out of 10 sapling, five are planted and (A) / maintained by the Department of Forests (B) / and Wildlife, GNCTD, on degraded forest land, gaon sabha land (C) / and others available with the department,” the Minister said. (D) / No error. (E)

2) Mr. Dave also pointed out that Section 10 of the Delhi (A) / Preservation of Trees Act, 1994, said that every person who is granted (B) / permission beside this Act to fell any tree is bound (C) / to plant such number and kind of trees in the area. (D) / No error. (E)

3) Flowing dresses with fitted jackets, haute tops (A) / and short skirts with coats, silk brocade skirts and tops (B) / with appliqué detailing, and gossamer lace with lame (C) / chiffons were the highlight the collection. (D) / No error. (E)

4) India has undergone lot of socio-political (A) / changes since Emergency but freedom (B) / of speech keeps coming (C) / under threat between time to time. (D) / No error. (E)

5) A old man advises her about (A) / the inevitability of the course of each one’s life that (B) / continues through every birth and points (C) / out that she is Puranjana reborn as a woman. (D) / No error. (E)

6) Ramanuja dealt with conflicts of every (A) / kind -intellectual, philosophical and administrative – and (B) / handled them in unique ways, that (C) / proclaimed his leadership qualities. (D) / No error. (E)

7) Scriptures hail the renunciation of all that one (A) / considers as one’s own and offer oneself wholly (B) / to the Lord as the highest spiritual attainment, the only (C) / means by which a jivatma can attain salvation. (D) / No error. (E)

8) Women walk the dry landscape that resembles a charred (A) / rice field in search of work, be it the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural (B) / Employment Guarantee Act’s promised 100 days of work, (C) / or indeed any other work that will feed its family. (D) / No error. (E)

9) As you enter Talainayiru block (A) / of Nagapattinam district, the backwaters spread out (B) / enticing, apparently lush and fertile, (C) / enveloping many villages in the block. (D) / No error. (E)

10) Elgar, a replacement in the opening positions for the retired Smith, believes (A) / the side is at peace with the loss of their former captain and Jacques Kallis, (B) / who retired from international cricket last season, and is looking (C) / forward to the years ahead along new skipper Amla, who debuted in the role in Sri Lanka. (D) / No error. (E)

11) The event bears close study, as it not only teaches us the (A) / political tools that Gandhiji perfected during his struggle for (B) / the indigo farmers of Champaran, but also the panchamrut (five nectars) that (C) / we as Indians got as a result of the struggle. (D) / No error. (E)

12) A day after Hardik Patel held a huge rally in Patidar dominated Morbi (A) / and Tankara in Saurashtra region, he and 34 others were (B) / booked by the police in Monday for holding the road show and public rally (C) / without police approval and for violating prohibitory orders. (D) / No error. (E)

13) The Lok Sabha on Monday cleared amendments to the motor vehicles (A) / law that will substantial increase the penalty for traffic violations, (B) / allow learner’s driving licences to be issued online (C) / and penalise contractors for faulty road designs. (D) / No error. (E)

14) From a social practice cannot be held to be an integral part of a (A) / faith and belief or an “essential religious practice,” it has to satisfy (B) / the overarching constitutional goal of gender equality, (C) / gender justice and dignity, the government submitted. (D) / No error. (E)

15) At a programme organised by the Culture Ministry, he said the (A) / country had paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi though all these years and (B) / that the time had come to turn a passive homage to an (C) / active one of adopting sanitation as a goal. (D) / No error. (E)

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