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English: Spotting Error Questions For SBI Clerk & Upcoming Bank Exams

Directions (1-15): Read the following sentences carefully and select the correct option. Each sentence is split into four parts namely (A), (B), (C) and (D). Select the part which is grammatically wrong. If all the parts of the sentence are grammatically correct then, choose ‘No error’ (E) as the option.

1) “During the visit to U.P, the team was surprised (A) / to know that all the addresses gave by Jalim Singh to his company were fake,” (B) / said the officer, adding that Rajeev had forged the documents and (C) / used the identity of Jalim Singh just to commit the robbery. (D) / No error. (E)

2) The victim, Ezaz Ahmed, who work for UNI, also accused (A) / the police of being indifferent to his ordeal (B) / and sluggish in their approach when he first made (C) / the call to the Police Control Room. (D) / No error. (E)

3) The driver and conductor admitted to (A) / having “misbehaved”, but said that the argument was (B) / over the driver digress (C) / from the designated route. (D) / No error. (E)

4) A police team rushed all of the injured to (A) / Kukreja hospital where Ram Singh was declared brought dead (B) / while Rahul Singh, Dilip and Anand Prasad were (C) / discharged after treatment. (D) / No error. (E)

5) “The registration number of the car was not clear, (A) / therefore, we have sent the footage (B) / to a forensic lab to get a clear picture (C) / of the car registration number,” said Mr. Kumar. (D) / No error. (E)

6) “He stopped a scooter that was coming (A) / his way and took the victim the hospital (B) / where she was declared dead (C) / on arrival,” said the official. (D) / No error. (E)

7) The Enforcement Directorate had registered (A) / a case against Chauhan after the CBI registered preliminary enquiry (B) / in June 2015 against Mr. Singh, his wife Pratibha Singh and (C) / Chuhan and other unknown persons. (D) / No error. (E)

8) A Bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar (A) / asked these defaulting bodies to reply within two weeks (B) / as to why they should not be asked to pay environment compensation (C) / of ₹5 lakh for failing properly manage and treat sewage. (D) / No error. (E)

9) Mr. Adityanath also ordered that 73 employees (A) / of the Noida Authority, who had not been marking themselves (B) / present on biometric machine, be marked (C) / absent since the corresponding days. (D) / No error. (E)

10) Following Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s directions, the authority has (A) / prepared a roster of sick and delayed projects and started a crackdown (B) / with developers who have failed to finish their housing projects, (C) / leading to problems for thousands of home buyers. (D) / No error. (E)

11) Their major civic woes include (A) / poor drinking water supply, no sewage connection, (B) / erratic electricity supply and poor construction (C) / of the project between others. (D) / No error. (E)

12) Danish, a home buyer who attended the meeting, (A) / said they are hassled not just because of the delay (B) / in completion of housing projects but also civic issues (C) / faced by those who have got the possess. (D) / No error. (E)

13) The average level of noise pollution (A) / generally exceeds permissible limits in seven Indian cities, (B) / which includes Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai, (C) / Union Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave said in the Rajya Sabha on Monday. (D) / No error. (E)

14) The noise standard for motor vehicles, air conditioners, (A) / refrigerators, gensets and certain types of construction equipment (B) / are prescribed in the Schedules (C) / of the Environment (Protection) Rules, 1986, the Minister said. (D) / No error. (E)

15) Over 15,000 trees were cut (A) / in the Capital in the three last financial years (B) / to undertake development and construction activities, (C) / said Union Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave on Monday. (D) / No error. (E)

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