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English: New Pattern Word Usage For Syndicate/Canara & SBI Exams

Q1-10. Directions: A word is given followed by its usage in options. Find the option in which there is inappropriate usage of word.
1. Garrulous
A) Because Jake is garrulous, asking him to keep a secret is impossible.
B) My garrulous sister talked only about boys on the phone all day.
C) Joe was garrulous when I asked why he did not go to school yesterday.
D) How am I going to sleep sitting next to this garrulous woman on my long flight home?
E) None of these.

2. Goad
A) The mobster used a picture of the bank president’s daughter to goad the official into robbing the bank.
B) The purpose of the medication is to goad the body into producing its own disease-fighting antibodies.
C) As a teacher, Joan was constantly looking for positive ways to goad her students into reading more.
D) The rain will more than likely goad Josh from staying out for too long.
E) None of these.

3. Abstemonious
A) The best way to avoid becoming obese is by being abstemious and only eating what is necessary to survive.
B) While Mr. Peterson was quite abstemious with his meals, he always put out a big feast when he had guests over for dinner.
C) The buffet was huge and included healthy snacks for abstemious eaters and large entrees for the insatiable individuals
D) Although my husband is normally abstemious with his money, he will buy a ticket to a football game in a minute.
E) None of these.

4. Compendium
A) At the exhibit, five of the artist’s paintings will be displayed together as a compendium.
B) The photographic compendium is an album of pictures showing many of the country’s military personnel.
C) Jenna is in charge of editing the compendium of creativity that comprises the arts section of the newspaper.
D) Vegetables are compendium foods which provide essential nutrients.
E) None of these.

5. Complaisant
A) My brother was always complaisant and ready to fight.
B) Marsha’s complaisant character made her the perfect servant.
C) In the movie, the heroine had a complaisant personality which made it impossible for her to deny anyone  anything.
D) The complaisant little boy gave away all his cookies to his friends.
E) None of these.

6. Guileless
A) The guileless nerd really believed the prom queen had a crush on him.
B) My sister and brother have a competition every year to see who can think up the most guileless April Fool’s trick.
C) The guileless man was so trusting he did not expect his girlfriend to cheat on him with his best friend.
D) The guileless baby was not afraid of strangers.
E) None of these.

7. Dogmatic
A) The preacher was a dogmatic individual who was quick to argue with anyone who challenged his opinion.
B) Because he refused to listen to others, everyone considered the politician to be too dogmatic.

C) The government’s dogmatic approach to improving the country’s educational system has not been
welcomed by teachers.
D) My teacher was dogmatic in her grading practices and would not even consider altering my grade!
E) None of these.

8. Harangue
A) The candidate’s speech was nothing but a harangue against his opponent.
B) The singer wrote the song as a harangue to his high school vocal coach.
C) As usual, the priest made his usual harangue about the dangers of listening to rap music.
D) In an effort to recruit warriors, the tribal leader made a harangue about one of the neighboring tribes.
E) None of these.

9. Magnanimity
A) She accepted the criticism with magnanimity.
B) The father of one victim spoke with remarkable magnanimity.
C) My cheap husband is full of magnanimity
D) In spite of this magnanimity Dorothen was still smarting.
E) None of these.

10. Dupe
A) Matt tried to dupe the little boy into giving away his lunch money.
B) Even if everyone else is doing wrong, it is never dupe to commit a crime.
C) In order to steal the rare coin, the criminal will have to dupe Jan into believing he has fallen in love with her.
D) The athlete tried to dupe the team manager by using purchased urine for the drug test.
E) None of these

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