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English Grammar: Noun | The Complete Lesson

No doubt, the current scenario is seen today about the level of competition in the competitive exams has led the language ‘English’ up to that powerful vertex where it has challenged every individual to cross its latitudes and gain success.

People’s conception about English to just read English rules and crack English section in SBI/IBPS exam has now been changed and shifted towards just doing practices and learn more and more.

English grammar particularly has annoyed the candidates to crack their exam and it has undoubtedly proved to be the very clear reason for lowering their scores.

But no worries! We are here to help you out from all these fears and maintain your scores at where you desire. If you are searching for the valuable key to preparing for English grammar test or if you need to know how to schedule your proper English grammar practices, then this is surely the right destination. So, without wasting any more seconds, let’s start.

Let’s Start with Chapter:- Noun

In the chapter Noun we will  study the following topics which are important:

  1. Types Of Nouns
  2. Countable Noun Vs Uncountable Noun
  3. List Of Collective Nouns
  4. How to make Plural Nouns
  5. Noun + To Be + Noun
  6. Articles + Noun
  7. Possessive Case – Genitive Case| The Apostrophe S – (‘S)
  8. Gerund
  9. Forming The Possessive
  10. Function of Possessive




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