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English: Double Fillers For SBI Clerk & Upcoming Bank Exams

Direction (1-10): In each question below two sentences are given with two blanks in each. Each question is followed by four options with two words in each. You have to select that option as your answer which can fill both the blanks of both the sentence I and II.


i. Various atrocities and _____ violations of human rights have been _____ against our people by the State at various levels.
ii. Same-gender sex remains a crime in the country due to a _____ judicial mistake _____ by the Supreme Court in 2013.

  1. unprecedented, recorded
  2. numerous, perpetrated
  3. blatant, pronounced
  4. flagrant, committed
  5. inhumane, initiated
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i. The increased caseload and mortality this year compared with last year could be because pre-existing immunity through _____ to the California strain is no longer effective, and people are therefore not _____ to the new strain.
ii. These results suggest that _____ to environmental lead might result in alterations in the _____ function of young children.

  1. vulnerability, adaptable
  2. exposure, immune
  3. sensitivity, habitual
  4. absorption, natural
  5. risk, primary
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i. In a _____ unanimous verdict pronounced by nine judges, the Supreme Court has _____ that privacy is a fundamental right that requires constitutional protection.
ii. China has broken international rules on exports of _____ earth materials said the World Trade Organization after it _____ in favour of the US.

  1. rare, ruled
  2. astonishing, pronounced
  3. dangerous, declared
  4. precious, decided
  5. unique, maintained
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i. By _____ your workload you will be able to _____ which tasks/jobs have to be carried out first as they will be either more important or urgent than the others.
ii. Vote-bank politics has a lot to do with the _____ of caste-based categorisation over income-based differentiation to _____ reservation beneficiaries.

  1. distributing, understan
  2. allocation, focus
  3. analyzing, choose
  4. prioritizing, identify
  5. managing, distinguish
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i. US. President Donald Trump’s decision to _____ the country’s military engagement in war-torn Afghanistan signals a significant shift in the position he has _____ for years.
ii. The company continues to enhance shareholder value, sustain growth and _____ public trust through its long _____ corporate governance practices.

  1. hold, supported
  2. maintain, criticised
  3. deepen, held
  4. strengthen, desired
  5. boost, cherished
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i. By _____ the discriminatory practice of instant triple talaq as unconstitutional, the Supreme Court has sent out a clear message that personal law can no longer be _____ over fundamental rights.
ii. David Cameron on Wednesday took on those who criticise him for being out of touch with ordinary people by _____ that he wanted everyone to enjoy the kind of _____ upbringing he experienced.

  1. declaring, priviliged
  2. announcing, superseded
  3. deciding, prioritised
  4. pronouncing, favoured
  5. decreeing, chosen
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i. Failure to _____ the illegal facilities allowed to some prisoners will ultimately lead to the loss of whatever _____ value a jail term has.
ii. The World Bank considers the national audit office or the supreme audit institute as the linchpin of a country’s integrity system, because an audit can help to _____ corruption and act as a potent _____ to waste and the abuse of public funds.

  1. remove, negligible
  2. curb, deterrent
  3. eliminate, punitive
  4. uproot, restraint
  5. end, prohibition
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i. The nuanced and sensitive _____ judgment in the triple talaq case, which upheld equality as well as personal law, has been met in some quarters by predictable majoritarian _____.
ii. Since the _____ of Greg Gianforte’s campaign ads are spent on _____ about all of his “high-wage” jobs that he claims he brought to Montana, it may be helpful to divulge a few facts about RightNow Technologies.

  1. historic, rejoicing
  2. jusitified, trumpeting
  3. majority, gloating
  4. main, ranting
  5. bulk, bashing
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i. When Haryana is under severe stress and thirty people have lost their lives because of the _____ followers of a person who is held guilty of a heinous crime, the time is to _____ the problem collectively and unitedly rather than use it for sectarian and political gains.
ii. The demonstrations that began on a peaceful note turned _____ after the president began his _____.

  1. violent, tackle
  2. rogue, solve
  3. boisterous, term
  4. unmanageable, response
  5. unruly, address
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i. Elite concerns are usually _____ from the ground _____.
ii. It is seriously distorted and _____ from normal definitions of _____.

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