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English: Cloze Test for SBI PO & Other Bank Exams

Q.1-10): In the following passage, one or two words have been left out in some of the sentences shown by blank spaces, each of which is indicated by a series of numbers. Find the suitable word from the given options marked as (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) against each number and fill up the numbered blanks with the appropriate option to make the paragraph meaningfully complete.

No other term but ‘dismay’ can describe one’s response to New Delhi’s ____ (1) ___ reply to Nepal’s democratic ___ (2) ____ of a Constitution through a Constituent Assembly. The Ministry of External Affairs merely ‘took note’ of the document, and followed that up a day later with a _____ (3) ____ threat of economic blockade, which Nepal has already experienced in 1988.

According to reports, this was followed up the next day with a list of demands from New Delhi as to what should go into Nepal’s Constitution in amendment, including the kind of provinces to be ____ (4) ____ exclusively in the Tarai-Madhes plains. This overt interventionism, meant to impress Kathmandu’s recalcitrant political class, has left the observer _____ (5) _____. The ‘Constitution of Nepal 202’ was the culmination of seven years of effort, including a failed first Constituent Assembly (CA) _____ (6) ____ into the second CA. This process began with the 12-Point Agreement of 2005, negotiated between the underground Maoists and Nepal’s democratic parties, facilitated by New Delhi, with the promise to hold elections for a Constituent Assembly.

The constitution-writing had been ______ (7) _____ painstaking, even suffocating, and it was hoped that India, more than any other country, would recognise the need of Nepal to move on with its social agenda and economic revival. _____ (8) ____ to write a modernist Constitution in ‘post-modernist’ times, there are many holes and loopholes in the statute. This is a rights-based document that makes promises to all, rather than the spare, basic law we have been taught to be the ideal, and it makes many promises conditional upon the _____ (9) ____ of laws. The ____ (10) ____ starts with ‘we the Nepali people’ rather than the ‘people of Nepal’, forgetting that there are those who self-identify as ‘Nepali’ elsewhere in South Asia.

1) a) alienate

b) tarnish

c) wreck

d) ungenerous

e) ameliorate

2) a) embittering

b) souring

c) drafting

d) constituting

e) mantling

3) a) veiled

b) forge

c) constructed

d) concoct

e) fabricate

4) a) generate

b) mould

c) establish

d) created

e) organize

5) a) undermine

b) aghast

c) suckle

d) victual

e) augment

6) a) feeding

b) striving

c) undertaking

d) assuming

e) performing

7) a) virtually

b) radiantly

c) frustratingly

d) reliantly

e) typically

8) a) Implementing

b) Endorsing

c) Passing

d) Attempting

e) Ordering

9) a) preface

b) overture

c) enactment

d) prologue

e) prolusion

10) a) portrayal

b) preamble

c) ratification

d) appliance

e) depiction

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