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English: Cloze Test for SBI CLERK/PO & Other Bank Exams

Directions (Q.1-10):  In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage, against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Once there was a lake which was (1) to many golden swans. Every six months, the swans would leave a golden feather as a (2)for using the lake. The soldiers of the kingdom in which the lake was, would collect the feathers and deposit them in the royal treasury.

One day, a homeless bird saw the lake. “The water in this lake (3) so cool and soothing. I will (4) my nest here,” thought the bird. As soon as the bird settled down near the lake, the golden swans noticed her. They shouted, “This lake belongs to us! We pay a golden feather to the King for using it. You cannot live here.”

“I am homeless, brothers. I too will pay the rent. Please give me (5).” the bird pleaded. “How will you pay the rent? You do not have golden feathers,” said the swans, laughing. They further added, “Stop dreaming and leave at once.” The humble bird pleaded many times. But the arrogant swans (6) her away. “I will teach them a lesson!” decided the humiliated bird. She went to the King and said, “O King! The swans in your lake are impolite and unkind. I begged for shelter but they said that they had rented the lake.”

The King was angry with the arrogant swans for (7) insulted the homeless bird. He ordered his soldiers to bring the arrogant swans to his court. In no time, all the golden swans were brought to the King’s court. “Do you think the royal treasury depends upon your golden feathers? You cannot decide who lives by the lake. Leave the lake at once or you all will be beheaded!” shouted the King. The swans shivered with (8) on hearing the King. They flew away and never (9). The bird built her home near the lake and lived there happily forever. The bird gave shelter to all other birds who (10) to stay near the lake.

1.   1) local

2) helping

3) liked

4) home

5)  water

2. 1) treasure

2) interest

3) fee

4) charging

5)  money

3.  1) sees

2) acts

3) look

4) seems

5)  finds

4. 1) keeps

2) draw

3) make

4) find

5)  built

5.  1) rent

2) feathers

3) nest

4) lake

5)  shelter

6. 1) took

2) send

3) walked

4) drove

5)  flew

7. 1) having

2) showing

3) giving

4) saying

5)  doing

8. 1) happiness

2) delight

3) nervous

4) amusement

5)  fear

9. 1) lived

2) returned

3) flew

4) insulted

5)  stayed

10. 1) paid

2) wished

3) demand

4) likes

5)  hope

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