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English: Cloze Test Based On The Hindu For Upcoming Bank Exams

Directions (1 to 10): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are oriented below the passage and against each, five words/phrases are suggested, one of which fits the blank approximately. Find out the appropriate word/phrase in each cast.

Salt-makers adding iodine to their (1)_______ and claiming it as “fortified”, would have to (2)____ that no less than 30 parts per million(ppm) of iodine ought to be present when manufactured. Also, the iron content of salt ought to be 850-1100 ppm. Similar standards are (3)______ for vegetable oil and milk to be fortified with vitamin A or vitamin D. Moreover. every package of food, fortified with iron needs to state that it is “not recommended for people with thalassemia and people on low iron diet”.

The US-based Non-profit Environmental Working Group’s review of fortified foods currently on the market found that young children are at risk of consuming too much of three nutrients- Vitamin A, zinc and niacin.According to their investigation, routinely ingesting too much vitamin A from liver supplements can, over time, lead to liver damage, skeletal abnormalities, peeling skin’
The time is ripe for (4)_______ fortification norms in India. The World Bank’s “Nutrition at a Glance” research report states that India loses over 12$ billion in GDP to vitamin and mineral (5)_____; 43 percent of children under the age of five are (6)_________.

According to the proposed (7)_____, the target foods to be fortified also include rice, maida, vanaspati and atta, which would be (8)______-in different combinations.
So far there is no requirement that certain foods undergo (9)_______ fortification, but Chief Executive Officier, FSSAI told that “the option was always open”. Benefits apart, FSSAI’s move comes in the wake of (10)_______ of “over-fortification” of food. FSSAI (Food safety and standard authority of India) is a Union Health ministry body, under the government of India.

  1. (a) cargo
    (b) stocks
    (c) service
    (d) ware
    (e) ceramics
  2. (a) secure
    (b) protect
    (c) effect
    (d) nail down
    (e) ensure
  3. (a) given
    (b) generalize
    (c) specified
    (d) indicate
    (e) detailed
  4. (a) introducing
    (b) having
    (c) inaugurate
    (d) founding
    (e) present
  5. (a) enough
    (b) sufficiency
    (c) plenty
    (d) deficiency
    (e) absence
  6. (a) overweight
    (b) underweight
    (c) deficient
    (d) defected
    (e) infected
  7. (a) deregulations
    (b) regulations
    (c) mismanagement
    (d) guidance
    (e) moderation
  8. (a) improve
    (b) decrease
    (c) deplete
    (d) enrich
    (e) enhance
  9. (a) mandatory
    (b) supreme
    (c) liberal
    (d) legal
    (e) lawful
  10. (a) concerns
    (b) care
    (c) ignorance
    (d) carelessness
    (e) unease
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