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Daily CA MCQs Based on 04th Feb 2018

Current Affairs MCQs Based On Daily Current Affairs 04th Feb 2018

  1. Where is the First International Kala Mela inaugurated by Vice President Naidu?
    a) Kolkata
    b) Hyderabad
    c) Lucknow
    d) New Delhi
    e) Mumbai
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  2. Who is the first foreign chief commander to fly in “Made In India” aircraft Tejas?
    a) Mark A. Milley
    b) George W. Casey Junior
    c) Raymond T. Odinero
    d) Martin Dempsey
    e) David L Goldfein
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  3. Which of the following Tourism Authority hosted Global Buddhist Peace Festival?
    a) Andhra Pradesh
    b) Sikkim
    c) Arunachal Pradesh
    d) West Bengal
    e) Uttarakhand
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  4. Which country celebrates its 70th Anniversary Of Independence Day on 04th Feb 2018?
    a) Myanmar
    b) Indonesia
    c) Sri Lanka
    d) Australia
    e) None Of These
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  5. Which department for the first time will create a database of workers engaged by contractors in non-operational areas such as housekeeping, cleaning, consultancy etc?
    a) Airways
    b) Roadways
    c) Indian Post
    d) Army
    e) Railways
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  6. To enhance trade, investment, science and innovation ties between India & Britain, India has partnered with which city?
    a) Birmingham
    b) London
    c) Manchester
    d) Susex
    e) Bristol
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  7. Which country has launches the world’s smallest rocket with the ability to put a micro-satellite into orbit?
    a) India
    b) North Korea
    c) USA
    d) Russia
    e) Japan
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  8. Which of the following bank is aiming to raise Rs 250-270 crore from the employee share offer which started from January 31, 2018?
    a) Andhra Bank
    b) Union Bank Of India
    c) Oriental Bank Of Commerce
    d) Allahabad Bank
    e) Vijaya Bank
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  9. What is the name of the India’s 1st sentiment index for micro & small enterprises?
    a) NenoEx
    b) SentoEx
    c) CriSidEx
    d) SinoEx
    e) None of these
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  10. Which state is making a provision of Rs. 5 crore for setting up the Transgender Welfare Board?
    a) Kerala
    b) Uttar Pradesh
    c) Gujarat
    d) Maharashtra
    e) Karnataka
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  11. Syed Mahmud Hossain has been appointed as the Chief Justice of which of the following country?
    a) Pakistan
    b) Afghanistan
    c) Bangladesh
    d) Myanmar
    e) Sri Lanka
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  12. Hukum Singh who passed away at the age of 79 was a/an __________?
    a) Businessman
    b) Politician
    c) Director
    d) Actor
    e) Musician
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  13. When is the World Cancer Day observed?
    a) 4 Feb
    b) 4 Jan
    c) 14 Jan
    d) 14 Dec
    e) 24 Jan
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  14. What is the theme of The World Cancer Day from 2016 to 2018?
    a) You can, I can
    b) You can, We can
    c) We all can
    d) We can, I can
    e) You all can
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  15. Which of the following statement is/are correct?
    1. Islamabad & Kabul have decided to continue holding discussion to reach an agreement on the entire Afghanistan- Pakistan Action Plan for Peace & Solidary.
    2. The meeting comes in the backdrop of a series of deadly attacks in Afghanistan allegedly by Pakistan.
    3. APAPPS is a joint action plan for cooperation in the areas of counter-terrorism, peace reconciliation and joint economic development.

    a) Only 1 is correct
    b) Only 2 is correct
    c) Both 1 & 2 are correct
    d) Only 3 is correct
    e) All are correct

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