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Changes in Banking Examinations That Has Taken Place!!

Recent Changes in Banking Examinations

Mass recruiters in banking sector IBPS & SBI both has made drastic change in exam patterns. Even it was suprising for the aspirants who had already made attempts and were familiar with the examination pattern. It was really very much thunder like shock for the aspirants those who attempted first time and were prepared with the previous year examination pattern. These days you need to be well prepared for the examination with every kind of possibility of questions that can be asked.

Now the demand examination is changing drastically so one needs to be prepared for all possibile types of questions from the prescribed syllabus

According to the aspirants who appeared in last year banking examination, the level of questions was of CAT level. So after reviewing the pattern of the examination many of the aspirants have changed the level preparation They are now studying CAT and MBA level books.

Before & Now: Banking Examinations

The pattern and the difficulty level of the paper has changed drastically and the level of the questions has surpassed the thinking level of banking aspirants. So, now lets discuss what are the changes we have seen:

English Language and Comprehension

The drastic change is in the level of difficulty of English Language section. And to clear the examination it is necessary to clear at least the cut-off marks of the section. We have seen higher difficulty levels in the questions belonging to the English section.

New Pattern which got added are:
1. Phrasal Replacement Questions
2. Paragraph Completion
3. New Type Of Error Spotting Questions
4. Double-Fillers
5. Reduction In Number of Questions Asked From Reading Comprehension Questions (7 from 10)
6. Antonyms & Synonyms were asked separately
7. One Word Substitution for 4 or 5 sentences

These particular changes puzzles the most of the aspirants and those who were not familiar with such kind of questions had to leave them unsolved. The synonym or the antonym of the word is being asked separately these days and this creates a lot of problems for the aspirants to locate and contextualize a word.

Way to Come Over:

  1. Phrasal replacement can be done with the practice and study of the phrasal verbs with the help of available PDFs/online study sites.
  2. Paragraph completion will have a sentence of 2 line and four to five options will be given and you will have to understand what the sentence is all about and find out the suitable answer from the given options. To have grip in that you will have to study newspapers, novels, articles from different sites which make not only make your vocabulary strong but also will help you in increasing the understanding level.
  3. New pattern of error spotting had puzzles a lot when it first appeared in the examination and every aspirant was amazed with one look what is this. Earlier we were given a sentence which was broken into 5 parts and we had to find out which part has the error and mark the option. Now in the new pattern it was asked which parts of the sentence doesn’t have error and choose the options according to that and mark them. In my opinion this is not as difficult as it seems in reading and looking the questions. If earlier you were able to detect the error part then now you just have to see the combinations of option and mark the option. You can get grip on this by practising also. Follow the same rule of error detection which you used to do earlier and apply that. If you are weak in that read English Grammar Book twice and do daily practice.
  4. Now if I talk about One Word Substitution for 4 or 5 sentences. This is little bit of moderate level. You will be given 4 or 5 sentences and based on that options will be given. Read the carefully first then find out which of the following which of the following option makes the sentence meaningful and mark that option. You will have to practice for these kind of questions and these are scoring questions.

Quantitative Aptitude

  • Though these have not been much difference in the pattern of questions in this section, the level of difficulty has increased obviously in this section. You need to have very strong mind calculation abilities in order to score well in Quantitative aptitude section these days.
  • In the prelims out of 35 questions 15-20 are from data interpretation, 10-15 questions from miscellaneous/application based questions.
  • Now, lets talk about Mains exam, out of 50 questions 30-35 questions will be from data interpretation and the level of these questions are not easy. Either you will find moderate or difficult level questions. Data interpretation questions are always calculative in Mains in exam.
  • Miscellaneous/Application based questions are sometimes calculative and sometimes logical based. The questions asked from Time & work. SI-CI, Profit & Loss, Instalment based are most of the time consuming and kills your time because you have limited time and the competition is more.
  • Those who have basics clear can attempt applications based questions and get a grip on that after practising and to get the questions solved within time limits you need to attempt Mock Tests.

Reasoning Ability

  • The main thing that changed in the reasoning section is the difficulty level of the questions. Another aspect has been the dominant presence of puzzles in the reasoning section and the difficulty level of those puzzles. You need to be very strong in your reasoning in order to score well in this section.
  • If you have very good analytical knowledge and practiced a lot then you will be able to solve Puzzles in the exam. Questions from Puzzles are about 15-20.
  • Questions asked from syllogism and coding-decoding has also seen major change. In syllogism earlier you were told to deduct the correct conclusion and now you we have to find which of the set of the statements is correct based on the given conclusion. Means the pattern of syllogism has reversed.
  • Now talk about coding-decoding, earlier it was only alpha coded now its alpha-numeric-symbol coded. So, you just need to find out the pattern and based on that answer the questions. Solving more will help you with such kind of questions.
  • If you are not so good and quick in puzzles then you should first attempt all those questions which can help you in scoring with 100% accuracy. 100% accuracy is needed because you not only have to clear the sectional cut-off but also score good about 20 marks which could help you in clearing the overall cut-off set by the panel.

GK and Current Affairs

  • This section has not seen much change in the past year. This section is mainly based on current affairs and conventional GK questions as earlier. You can score well in this section with continuous study of current affairs for the last 100 days and the conventional topics of general knowledge as well.
  • From static GK you can expect 5 questions and which are not difficult you can get well-versed in that after going through the capsules released by the various banking sites.

Computer Awareness

  • This section has seen questions of a bit difficult level these days but again, you need to study a bit more for this section so that you can score well in the minimum time in this particular section. Computer awareness section is very important from the exam point of view because you do not need to devote much time in this section and with a little bit preparation, you can score well in this section.
  • But in the recent trends of banking examination both massive recruiters IBPS & SBI has clubbed Computer Section with Reasoning Ability. And in that we can expect 5 questions from computer awareness and sometime not even one is observed.

Lets see the Scheme of the Examination for both Prelim & Mains of IBPS/SBI

  • Both the recruiters IBPS and SBI has same pattern for Prelim examination

Prelims Exam Pattern

Sr. No. Subjects No. of questions Marks Time
1. Quantitative Aptitude 35 35     1 hour
2. English Language 30 30
3. Reasoning Ability 35 35
Total 100 100

From 2017, IBPS has started following the Mains Examination Pattern of SBI. They have also introduced sectional timing not only for PO but also for Office Assistant. Descriptive Paper has been added in IBPS PO which SBI has been followed since years.

Mains Exam Pattern

Sr. No. Name of test No. of Questions Max. Marks Medium of Examination Time Allotted
1. Reasoning & Computer Aptitude 45 60 English & Hindi 60 minutes
2. English Language 35 40 English Only 40 minutes
3. Data Analysis and Interpretation 35 60 English & Hindi 45 minutes
4. General, Economy/Banking Awareness 40 40 English & Hindi 35 minutes
Total 155 200 180 minutes

Descriptive Exam Pattern

  • Letter Writing & Essay Writing :- One questions will be from letter writing and one questions from essay writing. Max marks alloted to this is 50 marks, 25 marks each. 30 minutes timing will be given to complete the section which will be taken after the mains exam time gets over.

New Banking Examinations: How to master it?

Having discussed the major changes that have taken place in the context of banking examinations these days, we can conclude that these examinations now require continuous practice and sincere preparation on the part of the students. Here’s the way to crack these examinations:

• You need to learn basics very well: This is the first important thing that you should do in your preparation. Go through the syllabus and learn the basic things from a subject in order to make sure that your base is strong enough.
• You need to prepare continuously: This is difficult given the fact that you need to prepare and often it seems boring. But you need to motivate yourself all the time reminding yourself the reward that you will get once you are selected.
SWOT analysis: This is very important since as a human being, you cannot be a superhuman mastering all the topics. First make a list of things that will bring your marks no matter what happens and then focus on areas where you need to work.
Constant practice holds the key: You need to practice as much as possible in order to be comfortable in the examination pattern. This is important since you require to be confident enough while taking the examination. These examinations also take a test of mental strength at times of difficulty.
Mock test are obviously of help: Before the examination, take as many mock tests as possible. This helps in building confidence in you and you can score well in the examination as well. However, do not get over confident in case you are getting high marks since it is only mock test.


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