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Number Series Questions PDF | Download Now

Dear Aspirants, Number Series Questions are always asked in bank exams. We always get 5 questions carrying 1 mark each in the banking recruitment exams. Two types of number series questions come in the exam one is missing number and other is wrong number. In the second case we have …

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Dear Friends, Today In the Series of Sharing Important Study Material. We are sharing the 200+ Important Quadratic Equation PDF for Free Download. Solve all the Questions before going to Exam. You will feel confident about your 5-Marks in the Quantitative Aptitude Section. Clicks on the links given below to …

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Quantitative Aptitude Questions For SBI Clerk & Upcoming Bank Exams

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully to answer the questions given below: In the recently held Commonwealth Games, a total number of 500 players participated in five different games, viz Athletics, Hockey, Lawn Tennis, Rugby and Badminton. 15% of the total players participated in Badminton. 2/5 of the total players participated in …

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