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Aptitude: Important Miscellaneous Questions for SBI Clerk & Other Bank Exams

1. A shopkeeper sells a badminton racket whose marked price is Rs 30, at a discount of 15% and gives a shuttle cock costing Rs 1.50 free with each racket. Even then he makes a profit of 20%. His cost price per racket is :

a)Rs 19.75

b)Rs 20

c)Rs 21

d)Rs 21.25

e)None of these

2. A mixture of 40 litres of milk and water contains 10% water. How much water should be added to it so that water may be 20% in the new mixture?





e)None of these

3. The sum of the ages of a father and son is 45 years. Five years ago, the product of their ages was four times the fathers age at that time. The present ages of the father and son respectively are :

a)25 years, 10 years

b)36 years, 9 years

c)39 years, 6 years

d)38 years, 8 years

e)None of these

4. The monthly income of A and B are in the ratio 3:4 and their monthly expenses are in the ratio 7:12. If each of them saves Rs 800 per month, then their monthly incomes are?

a) Rs 3000, Rs 4000

b) Rs 1500, Rs 2000

c) Rs 1200, Rs 1600

d) Rs 900, Rs 1200

e) Rs 6000, Rs 8000

5. Sasi decided to spend 16% of his monthly salary for a picnic. But during the picnic he spent Rs 6567 which was 75% of what he had decided earlier. How much is Sasi’s monthly salary?

a) 52725

b) 54775

c) 54625

d) 54725

e) 55725

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6. Vinoth sold Royal Enfield bike for Rs 190000, hence gaining a certain amount. Had the bike been sold for Rs 175000, he would have suffered loss equal to 50% of the gain in the first case. Find cost price of the bike?

a) Rs 185000

b) Rs 182000

c) Rs 180000

d) Rs 181000

e) Rs 178000

7. Out of three numbers, the first is 200% of the second and is 50% of the third. If the average of the three numbers is 56, then difference of first and third number is?

a) 24

b) 96

c) 48

d) 58

e) None of these

8. How much pure milk has to added to 0.5 litre of a mixture containing 22% milk to change the concentration of milk in the mixture to 35%?

a) 120ml

b) 100ml

c) 200ml

d) 140ml

e) 800ml

9. In a 500m race, the ratio of speed of two runners Usain bolt and Messi is 3:4. If Bolt has a start of 170m, then bolt win by?

a) 56m

b) 80m

c) 60m

d) 30m

e) 20m

10. A team of 11 cricket players is to be selected from 15 players in which 6 are bowlers and rest are batsman. In how many ways, the team can be selected if team must have 5 bowlers and 6 batsmen?

a) 304

b) 504

c) 208

d) 502

e) 406

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